5 sites with the best discounts on Black Friday 2022!

November is here! Here we have separated 5 reliable sites with the best Black Friday discounts for you to enjoy this super international sale.

Do you know how to get the best discounts on Black Friday? This is the time of year that many consumers wait to get that one item of desire that usually still has a high price in normal promotions.

November 25th is the official day of Black Friday this year, and stores have already started to announce their early deals and lives, a marketing strategy that has worked very well in recent years, and is here to stay.

Although some scams may appear at this time of year, there are many good things to be taken advantage of in the market. That’s why we’ve put together this article to help you find the best sites and tips on how to make the best use of them, without falling for scams.

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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is a famous date originally from the United States, always happening on the fourth Friday of November, one day after Thanksgiving. In Brazil, it happened for the first time in 2010 and with little adhesion of stores, but with time this culture also settled here.

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On this day, consumers are able to purchase items on sale that are far off the mark and far better than other discount opportunities during the year. So it is the time that most shoppers leave to purchase a much more affordable product with the best discounts on Black Friday.

The 4 sites with the best discounts on Black Friday

Here in Brazil some people keep a great distrust related to the best discounts on Black Friday, but there are some sites with incredible prices and are renowned in the market, fleeing from the unwanted scams.

melhores descontos na Black Friday
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It is nice to remember that some stores take advantage of the sales potential to extend this holiday to the weekend and Monday, the so-called Cyber Monday, with promotions in the technology area. To help you take advantage of everything, we have separated here these 5 sites with the best discounts on Black Friday.

Magazine Luiza

Magalu is undoubtedly an authority in online sales, and has special emphasis on Black Friday because it invests heavily in marketing at this time of year. Here the main highlight is the home appliances and furniture segment, but they have a little bit of everything in the best discounts on Black Friday.

Lojas Americanas

Lojas Americanas is very well known in Brazil and proves its dominance in retail when it comes to the best discounts on Black Friday. Its platform is already prepared to receive consumers and has early deals available for those who are anxious.

Mercado Livre

Mercado Livre is way ahead of the game when it comes to Black Friday. Their promotions have been available since the end of October, with offers up to 70% off. So you can already take advantage of the best discounts on Black Friday.

Its benefits make it the darling of consumers who want to have plenty of options and super fast delivery. This is because it has sellers from several locations in Brazil, ensuring that your item of desire can be near you.


The multinational company Amazon has a very complete platform, and has an emphasis on the world of literature. It has its own products, but has also made room for other sellers to use its platform to commercialize, which has expanded the possibilities, without losing security.

Amazon’s Black Friday warm-up has already begun, with many anticipated offers. Are you a book fan? Amazon offers 40% off literature and fiction books for you to include in your personal collection.

Price comparison sites

Our brain works in a way to take advantage of discount percentages that make it feel attracted, and sometimes without evaluating very well whether those percentages in an overall context are worth it.

Another factor is that human beings tend to follow the behavior of the majority. So a store that everyone is taking advantage of the discount, you will believe it is worth it, and you will want to take advantage of it too.

melhores descontos na Black Friday
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On these sites, you can do market research and compare prices between competing retailers, and this way you have a parameter of what is really worth it. Here are two options for finding the best discounts on Black Friday:


BlackFriday.com is the official site of Black Friday in the world. It is not a store that sells products, but a platform that will provide you with the best discounts on Black Friday, so you can compare what suits you best, without having to open several tabs in your browser.


Zoom is available throughout the year as a price and quality comparison platform, but it has a little place here because it can also be a very reliable help to access the best Black Friday discounts. 

This platform will compare across hundreds of stores, which one will give you the best value for money. It has reviews, product descriptions and expert analysis. It is well worth checking it out.

Be aware: some stores act in bad faith by increasing product prices weeks before the day of Black Friday, and on the day they lower them again to the initial price, simulating a promotion that actually never existed.

Bonus tip

Use the anonymous tab of the browser to search for prices and find the best discounts on Black Friday. With this trick you can make a true price comparison. This is because the sites offer different purchase options according to the profile of each user.

It is the cookies, small files saved on your computer to store and establish your interests, that analyze the profile of each user that is searching for a product on different websites, and deliver you an offer based on this search profile.

melhores descontos na Black Friday
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This may sound good, but it tends to get in the way of your price research, because it will give you low-impact discounts, since he already knows that he is destined to consume that item.

Using the anonymous tab prevents this from happening, and you will find the options intended for the general public, with the best deals available. He wants to sell and doesn’t know what you want to buy, so he will give you the offer that catches his attention the most.

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Have you ever bought something on Black Friday that really had a discount and was worth it? With these indications of sites with the best discounts on Black Friday you will be able to take advantage of the best deals.

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