5 applications to watch live soccer game right from your cell phone

Are you looking for apps to watch live soccer games? You're in the right place, because today we're going to list the best apps in this category for mobile.

The apps to watch live soccer game bring a unique experience to watch your favorite sports in the palm of your hands and without depending on any channel to be able to watch the exact game you’re looking for.

After the great success of Netflix, many apps have emerged with the goal of bringing the same streaming experience, but now focused on sports fans who were crazy for apps that contained many championships and lots of sports available 24 hours a day.

With our list today, you’ll have the apps to watch live soccer game that are sure to keep you engrossed in the action of your favorite sports without relying on your television.

Applications to watch live soccer game

Our list today is organized according to the most complete streaming apps to the most varied types of content, that is, they include more content than sports but still manage to offer great sports opportunities on a daily basis.

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Without further ado, it’s time for you to know what will be your next app to watch live soccer game right from the palm of your hands on your cell phone and/or tablet.

Star Plus

Perhaps one of the best-known live soccer game apps on our list, Star Plus opens today’s post by being one of the most complete apps for watching any sport.
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Containing the entire content package of the ESPN channels (and also of the now defunct Fox Sports channels), what’s less missing in the app is some game for you to watch, get emotional and cheer with all your passion as a fan.


The next option on our list is the Globo Play app. Besides having the SporTV channels available to watch live soccer game on your cell phone, the app also has exclusive content of sports that are not shown on TV, such as tennis championships and the World Surfing Championships (WSL).
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Watch everything you can and a lot with this super complete application that also has games of the Brazilian soccer championship (Series A and Series B).

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Amazon Prime Video

The next app on our list of apps to watch live soccer game is Amazon Prime Video.
amazon prime video
Originally focused on series and movies, Prime Video started to broadcast exclusively to digital the matches of the Brazil Soccer Cup, one of the most important competitions in national soccer. All this is complemented by several documentaries about soccer and other sports that are in the streaming catalog.


For fans of the former Esporte Interativo, this is one of the ideal apps for watching live soccer game. HBO Max has the exclusive rights to the biggest club competition in the world, the UEFA Champions League, with what for many is the best team of commentators and analysts on the Brazilian scene.
hbo max 26mai2021


Closing our list of apps to watch live games, we have a great free option for the most fanatical soccer fans: OneFootball.
Known worldwide for being the best app to keep up with the world of soccer, OneFootball has recently started to broadcast live games for free, including the Bundesliga (German championship), Asian championships and the lower series of the Brazilian soccer league.

Have you already chosen one of the apps to watch live game?

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