Free wi-fi internet 2023: find out how to get the

Find and connect to hotspots wherever you go. In this article, the 4 great apps to get WiFi for free!!!

You are on the go to the internet from your cell phone over and you'll need to know how to get the wi-fi is free, but you do not have the password for the next, and you have no idea how to resolve the problem for you. People who have never been in this situation, isn't it?

The attempt to infiltrate the wi-fi or over cellular data that are blocked may also be found to be illegal or morally wrong. So it doesn't go through it, you can find WiFis available to use, especially in local stores and available to the public. This is a new exhibition of our technological age.

Some apps allow you to access, free of charge, to any wi-fi is available in the world, and they also have a world map that will lead you to where you are all of those access points, such as when you're traveling, for example. For this reason, we have separated this article is designed to help you to get WiFi for free!!!

Here are 4 apps to get free wi-fi internet

In some public places such as airports, restaurants, shopping malls, colleges, universities, local governments, and businesses in general, they offer WiFi hotspots free of charge legally available for people to access with their mobile device.

Usually these places are close by and you don't know, a lot of times going through the hassle of not being able to order a car through the app, or send an important message. For this reason, some of the applications that can help us to find those places and you get free wi-fi internet.

Needless to say that these apps are not the tools of the hacking, but the tabs to find the wi-fi is free and accessible, and is a great choice for an emergency for you to be always on their phone. Here are a couple of options that you can find in the Google Play or App Store.


Instabridge is the first one on this list and you'll know why. This app is totally free, and it promises to make sure you have your password, wi-fi wherever you go. This is because it is a world-wide network, passwords, wi-fi, is shared by the community, which is growing on a daily basis.

Only on Google Play, it has more than 100 million downloads, as well as demonstrating its quality and efficiency, as well as a security for being able to connect to networks shared by friends, and when you sign in to the app with an account of Facebook, for example.

Among its features, you can get free wi-fi internet in the major cities, to gain access to a web browser that saves data, useful statistics, and maps offline for travelers, the tests speed and other functions, very convenient to use. If you would like, you can also be part of this community and helping to increase access to wi-fi.


The Fing is one of the applications that are most well-known and widely used as a tool for the network to be super complete, and to move beyond such a great finder, crowd-sourced wi-fi. From there, you can also protect yourself on the internet in your home and track your other devices. When they are installed on your device, it will scan your network and other devices that are connected to it, as well as their IP addresses and names.

You can access the speed test tool, a map with WiFi hotspots around the world to live in, and the very best internet service provider in your city. All of this is available at no charge for all the models of mobile phones.

Wi-Fi Sweet Spots

The wi-fi Sweet Spots, it will use your location to provide you with the WiFi hotspots available close to you, show you the fastest and the slowest, and to provide a test of the speed in real-time.

It features a very simple interface with a few tools, it is ideal for those looking for an app that is practical and that it does not take up a lot of space in the memory of your mobile phone. It can be downloaded, free of charge, to any kind of phone, but contains a few ads.

Wi-Fi Map

WiFi Map-it is an application that will be very useful for you when to travel around the city. This is a community wi-fi in the world, and with the app's number 1 for travelers in more than 50 countries worldwide, with more than 100 million of the total number of points available. Very useful to help you to detect nearby networks and gain access to a wi-fi network.

Some of these tools that are available are wi-fi, service, maps, offline, security, VPN, speed test, and all of that, I disconnect from anywhere in the world to get free WiFi from the network.

- Important to know!

It is very important to pay special attention when you connect to a wi-fi network is free of charge. Some of the people to act in a malicious way by using these networks to gain access to your data, and to monitor their online activity.

Whenever you're connected to a free wi-fi connection to a network you don't know, don't share the password to access the data from the card, or there is any other information that may harm it if it is stolen by someone else. With your map, look for the options in the access points, wi-fi and free most popular and most popular.

If you are a person who travels a lot or do you want to make a special trip, these tips, apps for earn free wi-fi internet is a great option for you to save and download the one that works best for you on your mobile device. It can also be very useful for you to back up your data to the internet, or when they run out. Do not get it in your hand.
And in places where it is not possible to gain access to or are not to be released without a password, and in case of an emergency, you should request a password to a local official. Some of the places they leave the plates with the password of the wi-fi writing. Always check here to find out!

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Now that you know how to get free wi-fi internet with these 4 applications are very easy to use, you can choose your favorite one from the list, and get out without having to worry about your connection to the internet. Pretty good, right? Make sure you help your friends who are always on the hunt for free wi-fi internet, showing in this article, they are going to get a whole lot easier!

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