4 apps to get free WiFi wherever you are!

Find and connect to hotspots wherever you are. See in this article 4 amazing apps to get free WiFi!

Who hasn’t been through this situation? You are on the street, your cell phone internet is gone and you need to know how to get free WiFi, but you don’t have the password for the nearest places and you have no idea how to solve your problem.

Attempting to infiltrate other people’s WiFi or blocked mobile data can be considered illegal and morally wrong. So you don’t go through this, you can find WiFis that are released for use, especially in shops and places open to the public. This is a fantastic novelty of our technological age.

Some apps allow you to access any WiFi available in the world for free, and they also have a map that will guide you to where these access points are, such as when you are traveling, for example. For that, we have separated this article to help you get free WiFi!

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See the 4 apps to get free WiFi

Some public places such as airports, restaurants, malls, universities, city halls, and businesses in general, offer free WiFi points legally available for people to access with their devices.

Usually, these places are very close and we don’t know, often going through the trouble of not being able to order a car through the app or send an important message. For that, some apps help us find these spots and get free WiFi.

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Important to say that these apps are not hacking tools, but guides to finding free and accessible WiFi, which is a great emergency option for you to always have on your phone. Here are some options:


Instabridge is the top 1 on this list and you’ll know why. This app is completely free and promises to save you from asking for your Wifi password everywhere you go. That’s because a worldwide network of WiFi passwords is shared by a community that only grows daily.
Instabridge New Website Twitter
On Google Play alone, it has more than 100 million downloads, proving its quality and efficiency, in addition to greater security for being able to connect with networks provided by friends, by registering in the app with a Facebook account, for example.Among its features, you can get free WiFi in major cities, access a browser that saves data, useful statistics, offline maps for travelers, speed tests, and other very easy-to-use functions. If you liked it, you can also participate in this community and help democratize access to WiFi.


Fing is one of the best-known and most-used applications as a networking tool, for being super complete and going beyond a great WiFi hotspot finder. In it, you can also protect your home internet and track other devices. When installed on your device, it will scan your network and scan other devices that are connected to it, as well as their IP addresses and registered names.
In it you can access the speed test, a map with WiFi hotspots from around the world live, and the best internet provider in your city. All this available is free of charge for all current cell phone models.

WiFi Sweet Spots

WiFi Sweet Spots will use your location to give you the available WiFi spots closest to you, show you the fastest and slowest, and provide a real-time speed test.
wifi sweet spots
It has a very simple interface with few tools, ideal for people looking for a more practical application that doesn’t take up much space in their phone’s memory. It can be downloaded for free on any current cell phone model, but it contains some ads.

WiFi Map

WiFi Map is an application that will be useful for you when traveling to any city. It’s the world’s largest WiFi community and the #1 app for travelers in over 50 countries, with over 100 million points available. Very useful to help you detect nearby networks and get access to a wifi network.
WiFi Map Free Password Apk For Android
Some of its tools available are WiFi Points, Offline Map Service, VPN Security and Speed Test, and everything so you never get disconnected from anywhere you are and get free WiFi from different networks.

Important to know!

It is super important to be especially careful when connecting to free WiFi. Some people act maliciously by using these networks to gain access to data and monitor their online activity.

Whenever you are connected to a free Wifi of an unknown network, do not share access passwords, card data, or any other information that could harm you if stolen by someone else. With the maps, also look for the most popular and popular free Wifi hotspot options.

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If you’re a person who travels a lot or you want to go on a special trip, these tips for apps to get free WiFi are a great option so you remember and download whatever you think is best on your phone. It can be very useful to save your internet data or when it runs out. Don’t stay in hand.
And for places where you cannot access or are not released without a password, in cases of emergency, kindly ask a local employee for the password. Some places leave signs with the wifi password written on them. Always check it out to find out!

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Now that you know how to get free WiFi with these 5 super easy-to-use apps, you can choose your favorite from the list and go out without worrying about your internet connection. Really good right? Help your friends who are always looking for free WiFi by showing them this article, they will get it much easier!

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