Holy Bible: 6 Apps for you to read on your cell phone

Find out which are the best apps to read the Holy Bible

The Holy Bible is the most-read book in the world and has several versions for the entire Christian population, with the evolution of technology reading everywhere has become easier and if you don’t want to take your physical Bible, many applications allow you to have access in the palm of your hand.

With the rush of the day, carrying the Holy Bible in your bag may not be an option, but for those of you who don’t give up having the word of the Lord at any time, technology is here to facilitate access to information and readings that build people’s lives. people and not just bullshit.

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One of the benefits of the apps is that, in addition to having the Bible in a minimal space on your cell phone, the apps have different versions of writing, in several languages, options to leave comments, highlight parts, take notes and customize your bible quickly and easily. often free of charge, read on to learn more about these programs.

Applications to read the Holy Bible on mobile

With some free time during the day, instead of surfing the internet and reading the Holy Bible on your cell phone, it can be a better use of your time, whether in line at the bank, waiting for someone, or even before going to sleep, the application can be used in different ways to get closer to the Lord’s words.

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There are many app options with different opinions and different ratings, so we’ve separated the best apps so you don’t have to do a huge search and look for one by one, but just choose the best version that fits what you’re looking for.

The One Bible App

The app offers free versions of the Holy Bible to read and study, with navigation for the books, topics, and passages you are looking for. It has options for you to listen to the passages at times when you cannot read when driving for example, or for people who cannot read to have easier access to the scriptures.

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This application is intuitive, with the most popular versions of the Bible and also with the offline reading option, you can leave your comments while you study and save your favorite parts, all without having to create an account just by accessing the application, to download click here.

She Reads Truth

This is an application to read the Bible focused on women, in it, you will find a community of women who comment on the word of God. This app is an easy-to-read, functional women’s tool designed to help women everywhere connect with God anywhere.

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Bible texts have multiple translations, with free and paid options, highlights options on your favorite parts, real-time comments in the community, free backgrounds for your cell phone, and personalized notifications to start your devotional at your preferred time, click here to download, with this application you will connect even more with yourself and with God.


Free application of the Holy Bible YouVersion, is the most downloaded app in the world with more than 400 million downloads of the word of God spread in every corner of the continents, there are more than 1300 translations so that you can read anywhere and in the language you prefer.

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In the application, you can make prayer cards, and you can choose your favorite version of the Bible, among them, are NIV, ESV, NASB, KJV, and many others, in addition, you can share with your friends, highlight your favorite parts, customize your reading mode and much more, a complete application for all hours. Click here to download.

KJV Bible: King James Version

This is an application for you to read the Holy Bible in its King James version, in it you can see one of the most read versions in the world for free, anywhere you are and without needing an internet connection, you can download it so that be able to read offline.

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With this light app, you can save your favorite verses and books to read whenever you want, in addition, the reading mode can be changed to make your reading more comfortable, and it explores words that you are looking for in the scriptures if you liked it. of this version be sure to download and enjoy, click here to download.

ESV Bible

One of the promises of this app is to be the most intuitive and beautiful Holy Bible app available, its designer is wonderful, and with many free resources with interactive readings and access to data that allow everyone to hear the word wherever they are.

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With it, you can even search for passages, highlight verses, and share with your friends what you are reading, with it your study will be even more organized, in addition to having available content from great teachers such as Charles Spurgeon, Paul Tripp, and others, to download click here.

Bible – Audio & Video Bibles

The largest multimedia application of the Holy Bible, in it you can find the scripture to read, watch and listen to all in one place for free, with the audio more people can access the word of God and perform their devotional anywhere.

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There are several languages available, you can even highlight your favorite parts, share your verses on different social networks, add notes and create playlists of biblical reproductions that you are most interested in, the readings are beautifully dramatic and you will love having this application, click here For download


To get closer to the word of the Lord it is not necessary to spend money but to use the tools we have in the best possible way while you cannot do better, the Holy Bible by application allows you to read anywhere with the best programs and is quick and easy.

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I hope you liked the list that we separated from the application, comment your favorite, and to learn more about these and other topics, enter our official website and don’t miss new updates, until next time!

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