Lensa: the app that uses artificial intelligence to create realistic avatars

App has become a fever on social networks in the last days

The new social media craze is the Lensa app, created in 2016 and owned by Prisma Labs. The tool invaded Instagram recently with its realistic avatars of people, with the Magic Avatars function, which fell in public taste.

Several celebrities are already making their new avatars, sharing the photos with their audience and influencing people to do the same. The application has even become a trend on social networks and is one of the most downloaded on both the Android and iOS systems, even though it is a paid resource.

Although the images have drawn attention for their distinctive aesthetics and precision in detail, illustrations like these, created by artificial intelligence, have become popular thanks to Dall-E technology. This is a technology that uses machine learning to generate images from words. That is, artificial intelligence can read a description, such as, for example, of an “astronaut on top of a horse”, and transform it into an artistic image that portrays exactly what is displayed.

Lensa is an image editing app. As already mentioned, it was released six years ago and it has practically the same tools as any other editing app. However, it stands out because part of its functionality takes place through artificial intelligence. This makes it much easier to edit and have fun with the realistic avatars.

Artificial intelligence

The part of the app that works by artificial intelligence is the ‘Magic Avatars’, which is located in the upper left corner. With it, you can create a realistic avatar. The app offers styles such as astronaut, adventure, sci-fi, and artwork. Next, check out everything you need to do to create your own avatar.

To create the avatar, just follow some instructions, such as uploading at least 10 selfies. In addition, in order for the avatars to have fewer errors and more similarity with real life, it is best to send as many expressions and face angles as possible. The tool uses traits and other characteristics particular to each user.

It is also important to follow the following rules: minimum 10 photos, maximum 20 photos; the same person in every photo; no other person is allowed in the photo; selfies and portrait photos; assorted backgrounds; variety of facial expressions; variety of head angles; no exception of photos (same scenario); no nudes allowed; No children allowed, adults only. Afterwards, just confirm the sending of the photos.

The app will direct you to the payment page. After paying, you confirm and the avatars are automatically generated in approximately 20 minutes. It is worth remembering that, to guarantee your avatar, you must subscribe to a payment plan. Packages range from R$22.90 (50 avatars) to R$44.90 (200 avatars).

A free week to try the tool is offered, but only for the photo editing option. So, if you want to create your own realistic avatar, there’s no way: as it only works with the Magic Avatars function, which is through artificial intelligence, you need to pay for it.

Download: Android / iOS

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Through the app Lensa, you can have fun in the world of photo editing, as well as create your own realistic avatars through artificial intelligence. The app has become, in recent weeks, one of the most talked about topics on the internet. Don’t want to stay out of yet another social media trend? Then download the app on your Android or iOS!

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