How to Share Netflix Password Securely

Did family and friends ask for your bill? Learn how to share Netflix password securely

Share Netflix Password is something very common today, the platform is a pioneer in the segment and one of the fastest growing, rumors say that soon households who do not live with the contractors will have to pay a user fee. Thus, alternatives to sharing the account need to be used to bring more security to the contractor and the people who are sharing with him.

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With the evolution of technology and the creation of streaming platforms, more and more users have accounts to access original and partner content, with the best possible quality, many have more than one subscription, but some share accounts with all family and friends at no cost.

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Whether to save by splitting the bill or help a close person who cannot afford a subscription, this use with sharing may have its days numbered and you can pay from 23% to 27% more on your current plan. Therefore, we separate a great tip for you to escape this charge, continue reading and find out.

How to share Netflix password

Many times you don’t want to share your password, but you also don’t want to let that person close without access to your platform. So we separate a quick, practical, and free way for you to share your account without giving too much login and password information.

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Share Account Extension, is a way to share Netflix passwords, without necessarily passing your login and password, just sharing a code that allows access to the streaming platform in the time you stipulate and on as many platforms as you want.

Step by Step on how to share Netflix password with Share Account

To start sharing the Netflix password, you and the person who will share access need to install the extension in your browsers, click here to access it, and after that, enable the extension in “use in chrome”, you can see it in the upper region right of the platform. When confirming the download, click on “add extension”.

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When finished, the person who will receive access needs to open the extension, it will be saved in their navigation bar, and select “receive account”, a code will appear and the person must copy and forward it to you. With the code, you must enter your browser, click on the extension and select “share account”.

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How to share Netflix password after activation

Open the streaming platform, click on the extension again and paste the code that your friend sent you, here you can define the time you want the person to be able to use the code, be it minutes, hours, days, or months. Soon after a code appears in the “share result”.

Share Netflix Password
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This is the code that your friend will use to access the platform, to access he needs to enter the extension again and paste the code received, in this way he can safely access your platform without major problems, protecting his data and helping at the same time one person to have access to the best content.

Like the information on how to share Netflix password?

I hope this information helps you to share Netflix password access to your account without giving your login and password to friends and family. This tip helps you to prevent people you don’t know from having access to your account and your data that are saved in the user area.

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Enjoy being here and comment on your experience by sharing your password and visit the Estação Tech website to learn more about technology and tips for everyday life, see you later!


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