Soccer Apps: 4 that you can’t miss!

Check out the best soccer apps and don't miss any more news from the soccer world!

With the Qatar World Cup getting closer every day, if you are a sports lover, you are surely looking for soccer apps that will help you stay on top of all the news with priority!

Soccer is a sport that is in the culture of Brazilians: we grow up following games and cheering for the team of our hearts. For this reason, it is extremely important to always keep up with the changes that happen in this world so well known to us.

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With this in mind, we have prepared this list with 4 unmissable soccer apps for you to download now on your cell phone. Read to the end to get to know a different app that will surely interest you a lot!

The best soccer apps

Below are the soccer apps that you will definitely want to download. We have separated several types, but especially those apps that are concerned with sharing live news and, in addition, teach you how to bet and win money!

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The first soccer apps on our list that we definitely couldn’t miss is OneFootball. With it, you stay on top of everything about the Brazilian Soccer League, from the A series teams to the B series teams. And if you want, you can also follow European leagues with the app!
And the benefits are not over: you, Brazilians, can watch the Bundesliga games for free and live, and even follow the best moments when it’s over. Download it by clicking on the link below and never again be left out of all the urgent news from the world of soccer – including tables, lineups, results, transfers and much more!


365Scores is another must-have soccer app for your cell phone. With it, you can follow results 24 hours a day in real time, customize and bet on your team or league – so you can receive all notifications regarding matches with that team – and also stay on top of the most important news.
On top of that, 365Scores keeps track of all events: from the Libertadores to the Champions League and many more! And the most innovative advantage is this: you can participate in a chat and cheer during the game together with other fans of the same team. Just click on one of the links below to download it and waste no more time!


BetMines is another soccer application that might interest you. With it, you can place bets with artificial intelligence tools that help you to be sure of your guesses.
Therefore, by downloading it, you can: favorite and follow news about your favorite leagues, follow results in real time, access the best match predictions, receive tips every day, test your skills before betting real money, and, most important of all: actually win money! Click on one of the links below to download.

Soccer SuperStar

Besides soccer apps about betting or news, our list couldn’t fail to mention a differentiated app. So the last one is Soccer SuperStar: a soccer game that is 100% realistic and comfortable to play!
Soccer SuperStar
You can build your team, unlock soccer stars, and even play for free offline – that is, without an internet connection! With an advanced artificial intelligence, the application offers a comfortable and advanced gameplay, allowing the player an immersive and worthwhile experience! Click on one of the links below to download.

Did you enjoy the content?

We hope that the soccer apps on this list have made you want to continue or start following our sport. And if you want to know more great tips like this, just click here and visit our site!

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