The 4 best apps to not miss anything about the Qatar World Cup

Don't want to miss anything abaout the 2022 World Cup? Then check out our tips on the best apps to follow the World Cup!

One of the biggest sporting events in the world, the Qatar World Cup kicks off this Sunday, October 20th, with the opening match between the host country and Ecuador. If you, a soccer fan, still don’t know where to follow the competition and stay 100% tuned in to the Brazilian team’s games, just read our tips below and find out which application meets your needs during the World Cup.

The three best apps to watch the World Cup

With the Internet, it is increasingly easier to stay on top of everything that happens in the world, and with soccer it couldn’t be any different. Through the most diverse apps, people can stay tuned in the broadcasts of their favorite teams’ matches, and the best of all: all this over the cell phone.
With the World Cup coming up, as well as Brazil’s debut in the world – the team plays on Thursday (24) at 4 pm (Brasília time) against Serbia – you can not stay out of it, and with the apps that we will list now, it will be even easier to follow the Cup.


It is undeniable the quality that Globo Group’s products deliver. In the app, you can access several movies, series, soap operas, and programs from the channel, besides having access to SporTv and Premiere. However, the good news is that during the World Cup, even those who are not subscribers of the platform can have access to the games, as long as they create a Globo account.
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However, it is worth noting that the matches broadcast by SporTv channels will not be available to non-subscribers. For you who do not want to miss anything from the World Cup, you can subscribe to Globoplay for R$49.90 per month. Access can be made through your smartphone, Smart Tv or television with internet access.

SporTv Play

Just like Globoplay, Globo also offers another option to not miss anything from the World Cup over the internet. However, unlike Globoplay, it is necessary to be a subscriber of SporTv on closed TV
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This way, the application serves as an additional support for those who want to have access to the games also via cell phone.


Did you know that? Now YouTube will also broadcast World Cup matches, and the best of all: for free. In all, 22 matches will be broadcasted (including the opening) on the Cazé TV channel, from the streamer and journalist Casimiro Miguel, well known and loved by Internet users.
The coverage, which have lighter and more relaxed tones, following the pattern of Casimiro’s lives. So, for you who are looking for a less serious broadcast, this is the right application for you to follow the World Cup. You can also access it through the application on your cell phone, Smart TV or internet television.


Streaming from Fifa, the FIFA+ app will stream, free of charge, the 42 remaining matches that Casimiro will not be playing on its YouTube channel. This is a quick and easy option for those who don’t want to miss the World Cup matches.
According to journalist Marcel Rizzo, Brazil will even be the only country that will have an open signal on Fifa’s application. Both the app and the registration are free. Remembering that, as Casimiro will already cover all the games of the Brazilian National Team, they will not be on the FIFA+ app.

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In Brazil, it is undeniable that the World Cup is a reason for celebration everywhere you go. The Brazilian energy is contagious to every corner of the country, which gathers to watch the green and yellow team play. From the applications listed above, you can follow all the emotions of the World Cup, wherever you are.

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