How to watch Football live with these 4 apps!

See here in this article how to watch football live and with quality on the main streaming platforms, channels, and sports websites.

Want to know how to watch football live with quality? Some official sports streaming platforms will give you the experience of following your favorite sports matches, with very easy access.

Football is a passion and tradition in the United States, and during championship periods it strongly moves the country’s economy and attracts foreigners to watch the National Football League, or NFL, as it is popularly known.

If you are a Football lover and want to know how to follow the matches from any corner of the world, we have separated this article that will show you the main streaming platforms, channels, and websites that broadcast the matches. See how to watch Football live!

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How to watch Football live?

Football is world-renowned and has one of the most awaited sporting events in the world, the Super Bowl, which certainly has not seen a show by some great artist during halftime in the final. But to have access to all the matches, it is often necessary to buy the full service of closed channels.

How to watch Football live with these 4 apps!
(Image: Freepik) | How to watch Football live with these 4 apps!

Thanks to the great possibilities coming from technology, today we have access to almost everything we want to see with just a cell phone and a good internet connection. With some streaming platforms and websites focused on the segment, you can find out how to watch Football live for a fair price or even for free.

Through this list that we separate you will no longer need to go after websites full of viruses and advertisements, or dubious applications. Get access to official, licensed, and quality broadcasts, right in the palm of your hand, to watch even if you are at home. Here’s how to watch Football live:


Hulu is the world-renowned streaming service of the giant Disney, quite new to the market, but it already offers a quality service with a wide variety of entertainment and lives broadcasts.
Through this platform, you can watch the broadcast of the NFL duels, through an application available for cell phones and Smart TVs, or its website. The value of the monthly plan starts at US$7.99, but some combos are worth it if you want to have other access, such as movies and series from the fantastic Disney world.


ESPN is an authority on the national field when it comes to football. Whether it’s news, information, doubts, or live streaming of matches, the fact is that for sports lovers, this is certainly the most used platform on the market.It is also a service offered by the giant Disney, aimed at fans more interested in the world of Football and other modalities, because in addition to broadcasting on ESPN’s TV channel, it offers access to results, standings, and updated live statistics, which are free and do not require registration.
If you are already a consumer of cable TV channels, you can register in this application and have access through the app wherever you are. But if not, you must hire the Combo for US$19.90 per month.


The Sportsurge is a website that broadcasts sporting events, especially American ones. You will have access to online college football games, as well as many other sports such as boxing, basketball, hockey, and other modalities. Whether live or archived matches, so you don’t miss a shot from your favorite team.

All you need to follow your favorite sporting event is a cell phone with internet, as it offers the transmissions for free. Just enter the site and see the matches that are in progress.

Betting sites

Betting sites are a great option for you who want to have access to Football broadcasts legally and with great image and sound quality. Some of these sites are BET365, 1xBET, RIVALO, BETANO, and BETFAIR.

To have access to the video matches, it is necessary to access one of these sites and search for the area that will lead you to register and fill out a form. Once this is done, the platform will ask you to make your first deposit.

We have to remember that these are bookmakers and they want to see you bet on live matches, so they offer an excellent quality service, which will always attract new users. This is yet another way to watch American football live, ad-free and legally.


Touchdown is the maximum score in Football, like the goal of our most famous football. And it can be scored by a team that manages to invade the opposing team’s end zone, earning 6 points for the scoreboard.

There are a few other ways to score points to be champion at the end of a football game, such as field goal (3 points), safety (2 points), and extra point or extra point (2 or 1 point).

How to watch Football live with these 4 apps!
(Image: Freepik) | How to watch Football live with these 4 apps!

If you’re interested in the world of Football with these tips on how to watch Football live and want to know more rules like this, click here and watch this explanatory video on the official wikiHow YouTube channel.

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