Watch NHL 2023 online free

NHL games are back! Know where and when to watch hockey games.

The NHL Ice Hockey 2023 broadcast is about to start and you can watch it online on any device for free!
The National Hockey League is a very prestigious hockey competition that has been going on for over 100 years and has hosted over a thousand matches a year.
In all, there are 31 teams that compete in the NHL, with 6 teams.
In NHL games all teams play in the season. In the final phase, 16 teams compete, 8 from the East and 8 from the West. East and West region winners compete in the Stanley Cup.

Continue reading this article to find out where to watch NHL games for free.

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What is the dynamics of the NHL season?

The NHL season is divided into regular, knockout and playoffs. It lasts for 9 months and usually occurs from October to June. The regular phase starts in April, the knockout phase at the end of April and the playoffs at the beginning of May.
Matches add up to points for simultaneous, divisional, and conference standings. In the first season, each team plays 82 times, with games against its own conference and against opponents outside it.
Each conference has Pacific and Central divisions in the West, Atlantic and Metropolitan divisions in the East.

How many games does the NHL season have?

The season has up to 130 matches for the team that reaches the award and comes out champion. In the first phase there are 82 games for all teams and in the playoffs, games are played in the best of seven model, the teams that are in 1st and 2nd place can play 28 times.
In total, there are 1271 matches played, 480 of them between teams from different conferences.

How to watch NHL Live Stream Online for Free?

The competition can be watched in full through FuboTV for 7 days free. And if you don’t want to continue using FuboTV’s streaming service, just request to cancel your subscription and there will be no charges.


FuboTV is a streaming platform that allows access to the best games for fans of all types of sports. Best of all, FuboTV offers a 7-day free trial.
The FuboTV app is available for IOS and Android.

But if FuboTV is not available for use, due to the location of the subscriber, the game may not be being broadcast live due to broadcasting rights.

In these cases, it is possible to use a DNS device to achieve unrestricted access. Just follow the step by step:

In these cases, it is possible to use a DNS device to achieve unrestricted access. Just follow the step by step:

  • Create an account on Smart DNS;
  • Configure your device to use DNS;
  • Register with FuboTV;
  • Watch NHL 2023 live stream.

Got questions? Continue reading the step-by-step instructions explained below.

1. Create an account on Smart DNS

Click here to open the Smart DNS Proxy website and click Try it Now to register. Provide your name, email and password to finalize account creation.
After that, an email from Smart DNS Proxy will arrive to verify the account email.

2. Configure your device to use DNS

To configure Smart DNS Proxy on your device, click the (+) icon next to the system that is on your device, such as Windows 11 or Iphone.

3. Register with FuboTV

To use your Smart DNS, just go to your account and check if the items are marked with a green “check” in the section next to DNS configuration and IP activation.

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If you don’t see it, please refresh the page.

4. Watch NHL 2023 live stream

To finish, just enter FuboTV and click on start the free trial. Create your account by providing zip code, email and password. Click Start Free Trial button for any plan. Confirm that FuboTV will exit for $o and click continue to the last step.
Enter your card details and click start watching FuboTV. Nothing will be charged to your card before the 7-day trial, so you need to cancel the plan within 7 days.

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